Puppy Days

Pixel’s First Friend

Pixel’s first, and favorite, friend is named Shadow! Shadow is a Border Collie mix, and although he’s much older than Pixel, he’s so kind and gentle that Pixel has adopted him as a role model! We think that Pixel made a good choice. 🙂

The first time they met, Pixel was a little hesitant. After all, he had never been around another dog outside of his doggy family!

But thanks to Shadow’s gentle nature, it didn’t take much time for Pixel to build the confidence to introduce himself with a couple of kisses on Shadow’s nose!

The puppy love proved to be just enough to get Shadow to open up and offer his toy raccoon for some play time. What a generous canine!

The two were so comfortable with each other by the end of their first play session, that they were able to get some post-play rest and relaxation in as well. 🐕

We even got a little bit of the playtime on video! Shadow sure is patient as Pixel jumps for attention! 🙂


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