Pixel by the Bay

Pixel by the Bay, Pt. 2

Pixel got to take another trip to Myrtle Edwards Park on Elliott Bay, one of his favorite places to play! This time, the weather wasn’t so nice–it’s fall in Seattle, and the rain and clouds have set in.

2017-11-12 15.02.49

Elliott Bay; almost as wet as the rest of Seattle in fall.

The weather might have been a little unpleasant for us, but Pixel loves the rain! Despite the cold weather and freezing water, he was ready to go as soon as we hit the gravelly beach. He eased in slowly, getting just the bottoms of his little paws wet.



We didn’t even have to throw a stick or a ball this time to get Pixel in the water. The crashing of the waves was enough to get him excited, and before we knew it, he was in the frigid water!


Who’s cold?


The big shake.

Although he enjoys playing in the water, Pixel hates getting his face wet! It only took a few small waves before he was soaked and wanting to come back to shore.


Pixel thinks he deserves a treat simply for playing in the water.

After spending a few minutes begging for treats on the beach, Pixel gave up, reflected on his play time in the Bay, and decided it was time to go home. 🙂


Little did he know what was in store for him upon return…the dreaded bath!




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