Canine Siren, Pixel's World

The Canine Siren, Pt. 1

Living with Pixel certainly comes with benefits. Other than getting to spend our days with a cute, (sometimes too) energetic, lovable puppy, we also get the added value of a living alarm system.

Whether it’s a police cruiser racing down the street to a crime scene, a fire truck on its way to a four-alarm blaze, or an ambulance en route to the hospital, we can count on Pixel to do one thing: howl along with the siren.

Pixel has many different flavors of howl. Today we’re going to take a look at three of them.

The Deluxe Wolf Howl

Pixel goes all out, throwing his head back, and letting it all out in full primal mode:

The “I’m Busy” Howl

Pixel is busy begging, but he knows the world might end if he doesn’t sound the alarm, so he provides us with a half-hearted offering:

The Obligatory Howl

Pixel is sleeping, but his instincts won’t allow him to take a pass on the howl. No head or bodily movement is involved:

This is just a primer on the colorful and varied ways in which Pixel likes to “sound the alarm,” so check back later for more in this series!

Does your dog ever sing along to the sounds of the places you live? Let us know in the comments!