Canine Siren, Pixel's World

The Canine Siren, Pt. 1

Living with Pixel certainly comes with benefits. Other than getting to spend our days with a cute, (sometimes too) energetic, lovable puppy, we also get the added value of a living alarm system.

Whether it’s a police cruiser racing down the street to a crime scene, a fire truck on its way to a four-alarm blaze, or an ambulance en route to the hospital, we can count on Pixel to do one thing: howl along with the siren.

Pixel has many different flavors of howl. Today we’re going to take a look at three of them.

The Deluxe Wolf Howl

Pixel goes all out, throwing his head back, and letting it all out in full primal mode:

The “I’m Busy” Howl

Pixel is busy begging, but he knows the world might end if he doesn’t sound the alarm, so he provides us with a half-hearted offering:

The Obligatory Howl

Pixel is sleeping, but his instincts won’t allow him to take a pass on the howl. No head or bodily movement is involved:

This is just a primer on the colorful and varied ways in which Pixel likes to “sound the alarm,” so check back later for more in this series!

Does your dog ever sing along to the sounds of the places you live? Let us know in the comments!

Pixel's World

Pixel Goes to Kubota Garden!

The weather is getting colder here in Seattle, but the rain has held off long enough to give us a uniquely beautiful fall. Normally, the rain would have washed all the colorful leaves off the trees by now, but not this year!

We decided that Pixel might like to take a trip to the beautiful Kubota Japanese Garden in South Seattle. We went early on a brisk Monday morning, so not only was the day still new, but we were the only group there. How fortunate!

2017-10-30 08.55.31

Pixel decided to take it easy by the pond at first so he could get used to the sights and smells.

One thing that seemed to really interest Pixel was the pond. Although there weren’t any Koi swimming around this time of year, Pixel was still excited to be around the water. Strange for a canine who usually tries his best to avoid swimming!

Pixel carefully inspects a narrow, stone bridge.

When Pixel came across a narrow, stone bridge crossing over the pond, he was clearly hesitant. His balance is quite good, but sometimes he gets nervous about falling in! (Not that he’s ever fallen in the water before. 😉 )

After some careful doggy deliberation, he mustered up the courage to take on the bridge full speed ahead! It was quite cold out–maybe he thought he could sniff out some of his beloved ice cream?

Pixel channels his inner beast and conquers the narrow pond bridges.  🐶

When Pixel was satisfied that he had properly shown-off on the little stone bridges, he was ready to move on to something bigger (safer?). He led us to a beautiful, red, Japanese-style bridge right next to some of the prettiest trees in the garden.

2017-10-30 09.02.22Pixel contemplating the aesthetic nature of the garden 🤣

All in all, Pixel had a ton of fun at Kubota Garden. Something tells us he can’t wait to go back!

2017-10-30 09.16.19  


Pixel’s Bone Encounter

I ate at the excellent Heartwood restaurant in downtown Seattle last night, just south of Pike Place Market. Although the menu is full of delicious offerings, I’ve been spending a lot of time interacting with Pixel, so naturally, that drew my eye to the Tartare and Bone Marrow.

Man, Pixel would just go nuts if he saw this!” I thought to myself. I was sold, and placed my order. I didn’t think much again about Pixel over the course of the next 2 hours, but, let me tell you, that dog has some great taste!

Pixel at home, waiting for my return from Heartwood.

The tartare/marrow combo arrived, and I was delighted to see that it was served inside of the original bone!

2017-10-13 19.18.02

Now, I have yet to meet a dog who doesn’t jump up and down for beef bones, so when the waiter finally arrived when I was finished, I was really hoping he’d let me take that bone back to Pixel’s World!

This being Seattle, the most dog-friendly city I’ve every known, it was no problem to get that bone into a doggy bag (pun intended!) and start the journey back home, where Pixel, likely already having smelled the bone from two miles away, would be waiting with bated breath. 🙂

2017-10-13 19.20.36

It turns out Pixel really was at home waiting. 😉

I walked north on 1st Ave, through the busy sidewalks full of revelers entertaining under the cloak of night, with one question in mind: “how is Pixel going to like his first real bone?!”

When I got home, Pixel was waiting like a good boy, as usual! I couldn’t wait to get the bone, bits of marrow still intact, and show it to him for the first time. I was certain that he’d go crazy and quickly devour it, but was surprised to see how hesitant he was about approaching his new treat!

Pixel delicately approaches his new bone!

As I’m sure any of Pixel’s followers will know, it only took a few minutes for him to realize that this wonderful beefy offering was his to keep! He promptly got to work, and fell into a trance-like state of doggy bliss as he indulged in his first bone.

Bone bliss.

From the moment he got the bone, Pixel engaged in the longest continuous activity I’ve seen since birth! He attacked his bone from every angle, relishing in the marrowy goodness leftover from my meal for the night. It was so much fun watching Pixel have so much fun!

He finally managed to take a break for a few hours to sleep, but when I awoke in the morning, he was at it again!

Pixel in the morning, exhausted, but still dedicated to his beloved bone. 🙂

Before we go, take a look at this short video of Pixel trying out his bone for the first time. How many of Pixel’s followers have had a similar experience?! 🙂 Leave comments letting us know how your doggy likes natural beef bones!